from Bullseye Records!
October 28, 1998

"Can You Pretend?" by Terry Draper was originally released in 1996 as a 7 song cassette. The response was so overwhelming that all 200 copies of the tape sold out by early 1997.  With that, Terry decided to enhance the existing package and release a CD !!

The tentative running order of the disc will be as follows:

Can You Pretend?
Sing-A-Long Song
I Love A Parade
The Circus Is Coming To Town
Blast Off
Reach For The Sky
It's A Beautiful Day

"A Day In The Life Of Adam & Alex"
 a) Wake Up Song
 b) How High Can You Count?
 c) Simon Airwave
 d) The Piano Lesson
     i) Fugue For Thought
    ii) Short Instrumental By Some Classical Dead Guy

The Land Of Mongo
Goodnight Sleepyheads
Singalong - Reprise

Special guest appearances by:

Maureen Leeson [Sharon'SISTER] on 'Magic' and 'How High Can You Count'

Russell Graham [Killer Dwarfs] on 'Sing-A-Long Song' and 'Simon Airwave'

Adam Draper - piano on 'Fugue For Thought'

Alex Draper - piano on 'Short Instrumental By Some Classical Dead Guy'

Anna Pelc-Draper, Amy Beal, Gwen Beal, and Elora Beal - backing vocals
on 'Sing-A-Long Song'.

Glenn Belcher - guitar on 'The Land Of Mongo'

Dr. John Baird - Master Of Ceremonies on 'Simon Airwave'

The lyrics for all songs will be included in the CD plus the score for the two instrumental piano tracks.

There will be additional graphics from designs featured in the previous 'Can You Pretend?' Activity Kit.

All artwork by the enigmatic TED JONES.


The CD will be $15(US) or $17(CDN) for any who would like to pre-order. Orders outside North America please add an additional $2 for postage.

Terry would like the disc out by Xmas, but I am going to be more realistic and shoot for early January 1999. The Xmas schedules of most pressing plants is very unpredictable.

Anyone interested in reserving their copy in advance can send cheque or money order to:

Jaimie Vernon
96 Billingsgate Crescent
Ajax, Ontario
L1S 2R9

Thanks in advance,
Jaimie Vernon
Bullseye Records Of Canada