Bullseye Records - 1998 - BEP-004
By Dave Bradley

In 1998, just a year after fellow band member Terry Draper released his first ever solo material (Light Years Later), Dee Long ventured into the solo release realm with a 6 song EP titled, "Digital".


Here are the 6 titles on this EP:
1. Digital
2. Kick In The Head
3. Never Go Back (single edit)
4. Lazer Lights - first version
5. This Is The Love
6. Boring

Digital is an ode to the wonders of digital audio and video from way back in the 80s. It's got a cool rhythm, an other-worldly vocal that suddenly becomes crisp and clear (exaggerating the difference between analog and digital to make a point?) and a really cool feel to it.

Kick In The Head is a tongue in cheek commentary on relationships that just aren't what one expects them to be.... "you're love is better than a kick in the head".... indeed! Killer guitar, beautiful lush harmonies and lyrics that will have you singing along with a smile on your face in no time.

Never Go Back (single edit) is a track that Dee recorded with his friends in the band The Burgerheads. It's a beautiful song with a pretty melody line, lovely singing, a melancholy feel, and lyrics that tell about the love of his life that has been lost and how they can never go back to how things were. Truly beautiful. Why this didn't get released way back when it was recorded (80s) and soar to the top of the charts then (or NOW) is beyond me!

Lazer Lights - first version - is a neat track that explores the more techno / dance side of Dee's music with a really cool arangement and lush harmonies. It's filled with great guitar and some really awesome singing.

This Is The Love is a little more positive than Kick In The Head, but doesn't reach out and grab you like you'd expect it to.

Boring is, well, boring. Well, not really, it's kind of neat. It's got Dee's 80s sound to it with his synthesizers and guitar all over it, but the lyrics don't go anywhere, hence the title. Kind of a neat diversion.

For the money, you just can't go wrong with this disc! Anyone who enjoyed the popier side of Dee's Klaatu songs will enjoy this disc. And if you're prefer the harder side of Dee's Klaatu songs, then Kick In The Head will feel right at home to you.


- Dave Bradley – March 5, 2008.