REVIEW:  Dee Long - “Long Live and Prosper"

Bullseye Records - 2005
By Dave Bradley

In 2005, Dee Long performed his FIRST EVER concert of his solo material. He performed in Toronto on March 4, 2005 with a backing band of Toronto superstars called "The Short Notice" which included Maureen Leeson (Bullseye solo artist and backing singer for Terry Draper's 1997 live performance as a member of The Twilight Zone), Jaimie Vernon (Bullseye solo artist, ex-Moving Targetz), Frank Watt (Burgerheads), Ken Wannamaker (Burgerheads) and Jim Hoeck.

This limited edition enhanced CD features 11 tracks plus two videos for the performance of "It's Good To Be Back Home" and "Chromosome Syndrome".

Here's the track listing for this set:
1) Meaning Of Life
2) Mad Magazine
3) Outside
4) You Are
5) Chromosome Syndrome
6) Collecting Icons
7) Older
8) Everybody Took A Holiday
9) Blue Jay Way
10) Good To Be Back
11) Little Neutrino

I was at the performance at the Brunswick House in Toronto. This set captures that evening's performance very nicely. It's a performance that was sometimes with some warts, sometimes flawless, always enjoyable. And yes, he does 3 Klaatu tracks and pulls them off very nicely!

The title is a comedic take on the Star Trek line "Live long and prosper." It has the first two words reversed because it's Dee LONG performing LIVE. I'm surprised at how many people ask me about the title and what it means and why those words are backwards.


- Dave Bradley – March 5, 2008.