Fall, 2013

Klaatu's albums have been given horrible treatments over the years when it comes to CD releases, that is until the Bullseye Records releases of the past decade.

Now Klaatu are having their own turn at it and remastering their albums (probably the last time this will happen) with the newest technology and releasing them with extended booklets containing newly created artwork to enhance the existing artwork. The additions to the artwork are by Ted Jones who did the original album covers (except Sir Army Suit) and is a nice addition. This time around is no exception. Very nice job with the artwork! The booklet is phenomenal. The CD label harkens back to the original Canadian LP labels, excellent job guys!

But how does it sound?


This, like the Bullseye release before it, sounds great. It has the fully restored original master tape, complete with the correct version of Tokeymor Field, and the sound is fantastic. The hiss is minimal, the lows are rich and present, the mids are smooth and pleasant and the highs are nice and crisp.

Fantastic job with the remastering!


This release includes a DVD with it as well. This DVD has interviews with the band members about the songs, the recording process, the gear, etc. It also includes the animated video for A Routine Day, plus several other working videos that were animated for several more songs from the album, but never previously released. PLUS, it has interviews with the original animators!

The beginnings and endings of the videos have the audio slightly chopped, but this is due to the fact that there was going to be a voice over tying the videos together to create the story of "Happy New Year, Planet Earth" and rather than have a word or syllable remaining as the video started, those sections got slightly clipped.

Other than being shown at the Klaatu Kon in 2005, this is the first time this material has been seen by the general public and is the first time it's EVER been available to buy. This is quite fun and is a nice addition to the otherwise phenomenal CD reissue of this album.


Dave Bradley
Klaatu.org webmaster
Klaatu archivist