REVIEW:  Dee Long - “Welcome To The Future"

Bullseye Records - 2006
By Dave Bradley

In 2006, Dee Long released a new CD on the Bullseye label which was a drastic departure from his 80s fare on Been Here Before and his 2000s fare on Outside. It was a more laid back, acoustic sound, although there is one song that is centered around electric guitar, "Ramifications Of Love".

The set includes some beautiful acoustic guitar work along with some of Dee's signature lush layered harmonies.

Here's a list of the tracks on this CD:
1. Welcome To The Future
2. Take My Advice
3. Travellin' Man
4. Money Comes In
5. Wicked
6. Do Nothing Day
7. The Pasta Song
8. Eastern Girl
9. Get Along
10. Ramifications Of Love
11. Anything Can Happen In A Dream
12. You
13. Objects In Motion
14. Movies

While Dee sounds more laid back on this CD than on anything else he's previously released, don't let that make you think it's not high quality. It's beautifully produced with lush layered harmonies, beautiful yet stripped down arrangements and an acoustic guitar sound that is just heavenly.

Welcome To The Future could have been released to radio as a single. It's very pop-ish. Do Nothing Day has the greatest lyrics in the world (because they mention me by name!). The Pasta Song is very funny, but at the same time draws attention to Dee's concerns about genetically modified foods (ala Chromosome Syndrome from the Outside CD).

If you're looking for a mellower sound than Dee's previous releases, this is it. But rest assured, it's not a sleeper, it's a full blown set of beautifully performed and recorded acoustic tracks.


- Dave Bradley – March 5, 2008.