Klaatu released 5 albums over 6 years. Later they released 2 greatest hits packages and a promotional sampler LP. They have also appeared on numerous various artists collections. With one or two exceptions, the versions on the various artists collections have been the same as the versions on the original Klaatu LPs. Klaatu have also released several singles over the years that have alternate versions of songs, whether they be completely different recordings or just different mixes. In addition, in 2005, Bullseye Records put out a 2 CD set called SunSet with tons of alternate mixes, unreleased songs, live recordings, and it's a wonderful package with more than 2 hours of Klaatu recordings like you've never heard before.  They also released a vinyl companion to SunSet called Raarities which has it's own set of versions of some of Klaatu's songs, but which was NOT originally available on CD. Those tracks eventually got released in March 2009 on the Solology CD along with the complete reunion concert from 2005.

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Several releases of the albums on CD have occurred over the years starting in 1989. Most have had problems or were poor quality. Many have been with zero input from the band members. The one exception seems to be Magentalane which has had several good sounding CD releases.

However, in 2001, Bullseye Records of Canada began an ambitious campaign of remastering the albums, restoring missing segments, and restoring the original artwork.

3:47 EST - released December 2001
Hope - released September 2002
Peaks - released April 2003
Sir Army Suit - released August 2003
Endangered Species - released August 2003
SunSet - released May 2005
Raarities - released May 2005, only on vinyl LP
Magentalane - released March 2007
Solology - released March 2009 (includes the complete 2005 Raarities album, plus the live reunion concert from 2005 plus another previously unreleased raarity.)

While these are considered the best masterings, these are all out of print.

Since that time, the first three albums have been released on Klaatunes Records and are now out of print. Klaatunes Records is no longer releasing any discs.

There was also a release on Conveyor Records of Canada which also is now out of print.

Over the past few years, there have been a number of fan based tributes, plus a commercially released tribute. There are samples available, plus information about the releases here:

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