REVIEW:  Dee Long - “Outside of Time and Space - The DVD/CD"

Bullseye Records - 2005
By Dave Bradley

After the success of his solo CD, "Outside", Dee started working on some animation for the songs. The DVD in this package contains videos for 6 of the songs from that CD, plus a widescreen version of one of those videos. It also includes a mockumentary called "the faking of..." which tells the story (ahem) of the creation of the album and the videos.

Here's the list of videos on the disc.
1) The Meaning Of Life
2) I Will Wait For You
3) Collecting Icons
4) Outside
5) You Are Too Beautiful
6) Mad Magazine
7) The Faking Of...
8) Outside [Anamorphic Widescreen]

If you enjoy silly animated videos and trippy animated videos and cool special effects animated videos, then this disc is a must for your collection! Dee did all this animation himself, creating software to allow some of the work to be done the way he wanted it. Truly a renaissance man!

In addition to the DVD, this package comes with a CD. But hold on, you say you've already bought the "Outside" CD? Not to worry, this disc isn't that disc! This bonus CD includes rarities, remixes and previously unreleased material.

Here's a track listing of the bonus CD:
1) The Meaning Of Life (Video Mix)
2) I Will Wait For You (Video Mix)
3) Wake Me - previously unreleased
4) Blue Jay Way - previously unavailable full-length version (the edited version had been part of the Bullseye Beatles Tribute CD set)
5) Across The Universe - previously unavailable commercially
6) Chromosome Syndrome (Alternate Scratch Mix)
7) The Meaning Of Life (2003 Terry Brown Mix)(Terry Brown is the original producer for Klaatu's first three albums)

The videos are truly beautifully animated, sometimes silly, sometimes trippy, and always fun to watch. If you're a fan of animation, and especially super high quality computer animation, this disc is a must see!

The music on the second disc is presented as a bonus, but what a bonus it is! You get two of the video mixes, plus two additional tracks from the Outside CD with new mixes. The Terry Brown mix of the song The Meaning Of Life is especially interesting. It's a very different feel from the version on the Outside CD. I wouldn't say it's better or worse, just different. VERY different. It highlights different elements of Dee's recording than I would have drawn attention to, thereby giving the song a very different feel.

In additon to these tracks you also get an unreleased track called Wake Me and two Dee covers of the Beatles songs Blue Jay Way and Across The Universe. Blue Jay Way is from the previously released Bullseye Records Beatles Tribute CD set, but is presented here in it's unedited full length version. Across the Universe was also submitted for that project but didn't make it to the final project.

A+ again!

- Dave Bradley – March 5, 2008.