KLAATU PEAKS by Jaimie Vernon

Special thanks to Andrew Grantham for supplying the transcription of the article.


In 1989, Capitol Records U.S. re-issued Klaatu (aka 3:47 E.S.T. ) on Compact Disc. In 1990, Canada's Justin Entertainment also re-issued a substandard version of this disc*, followed by the band's second LP Hope in 1991. Capitol U.S. rallied back with a double length CD re-issue of both albums in 1992. Meanwhile, KLAATU songs began popping up on compilation discs, marking a full-fledged revival of sorts. Now comes Peaks , an incredible summation of this band's short but illustrious career. Attic Records has pulled out all the stops by reprising 9 of 11 songs from 1982's "Best Of..." Klaasic Klaatu (their first charted hit "California Jam" is not among them) plus 8 tunes culled from their five studio LPs including Magentalane (not currently scheduled for re-issue). There's a six page booklet that has reproductions of the album covers plus complete track listings, band photos, discography (with the omission of the single "Knee Deep In Love"), press clippings, and quotes from journalists & radio personalities. Thank Klaatu drummer Terry Draper for the meticulous detail. What he had thought would take a couple of hours to slap together took several months, particularly when assembling the master tapes for re-mastering - the first six songs from Sir Army Suit were destroyed after the emulsion from the back of the mastertape had stuck to the blank leader at the beginning of the reel (ouch!). Security copies of various master tapes had to be flown in from Capitol Records' affiliated offices across North America and re-assembled for mastering by Toronto's George Graves. The band's anthem "Calling Occupants" was remastered first, which was the standard that would give this whole album a sonic continuity. There's more highs and lows than on any previous issue of these songs. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.


* Web-Page author's note. I have this Justin disc and compared to the Capitol disc with the first two albums on one disc the sound quality is much better on the Justin disc. Not only that, but Capitol cut off the end of Little Neutrino on the 2 on 1 disc. I will admit though that the sound quality on PEAKS is better than any other CD I have heard of Klaatu's music.