The Klaatu Mailing List, while technically still running and functional, is no longer used. Klaatu fans can look them up on Facebook under the Klaatu Rocks! Facebook group.

What is the Klaatu Mailing List?

The Klaatu Mailing List is an e-mail mailing list of Klaatu fans from around the world. We have members in Canada, The United States of America, Honduras, Australia, Russia, England, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, and many other European countries.

The mailing list can generate anywhere from no messages to about 50 messages per day average, depending on how chatty we feel. These messages are mostly about Klaatu, but we also tend to be a very knowledgable group of music fans and sometimes the discussion drifts to other bands or even music theory sometimes. Occasionally we have totally non-music related discussions.

Unlike most mailing lists on the internet, this one seems to be free of the strife and arguing that for some reason tends to go hand in hand with a mailing list. We're a close knit group of people and welcome every new subscriber with open keyboards. This is not to say we don't have our share of disagreements, but usually when we do they are pleasant and good natured disagreements.

What is the DIGEST version of the Klaatu Mailing List?

The digest version is for people who don't want a ton of messages in their inbox each time they check their mail, but still wish to read all the messages on the mailing list. The mailing list software puts all the messages into one long message (with headers for each message so you know who wrote it) and sends it out only when it reaches a certain size. I've tried to tweak it so that this currently happens one or two times per day. You can still just as easily reply to a message or write a new one, but now instead of looking for, say, 10 non Klaatu related e-mails amongst 40, you now have 10 amongst 11 and can easily find the ones that are not from the Klaatu mailing list.

Where are the mailing list members located?

As mentioned above, we have members located around the world.  You can check out a map of our various locations by visiting

I've subscribed, now how do I send a message to everyone?

To send a message to the mailing list, you need to send the message to klaatumail at and the mailing list software will send it to all subscribers.

Everytime I reply to a message or write a new one it bounces back saying it wasn't sent to the list. Why?

Well there can be a number of reasons:

1: Are you subscribed? If not, subscribe to the list and try it again.

2: Are you subscribed under the same address you're sending the message from? While the current software is more forgiving than in the past and things like Joey@Internet.COM will be considered the same as Joey@mail.Internet.COM, there are still restrictions. For example if you are subscribed under your home e-mail address and you send a message from your work e-mail address then it will bounce back as a message from a non-subscribed e-mail address.

3: Did you send the message to owner-klaatumail at instead of klaatumail at ? That will send the message directly to me, not to the mailing list. Most e-mail programs look at the FROM: header or the REPLY-TO: header when replying to a message. If your program does this then things should work smoothly. However, there are some programs which look at the SENDER: header and send the reply to that address. If your program is one of the VERY few that does this, then you will have to manually change your TO: address when replying since it will say owner-klaatumail at instead of klaatumail at and this will end up sending your message to me instead of the list.

4: Did you have the word HELP in the subject? Or maybe the word SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE? Or how about in the first line of the message? If you did, the mailing list software MAY interpret this as a request for help and not as a message. Try changing the subject or the opening line of the message and see if it works any better.

What is the Klaatu-News Mailing List?
There is also a second mailing list which is a distribution list for announcements for those who would rather not deal with the quantity of e-mail or occasional off topic discussions on the discussion list.   This list will have announcements about changes to the Klaatu Web Page, new releases concerning Klaatu or it's members, reissues concerning Klaatu or it's members, and updates from Bullseye Records (home to Dee Long and Terry Draper solo releases as well as the Klaatu remasters and Sun Set releases) about Klaatu related projects.

  Updated June 2, 2020

- Dave Bradley