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I received a letter from John Woloschuk today, June 10. 2020, about the songwriting credits of Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft. Click here to read it.
The most active way to stay up to date with Klaatu information is currently through the Facebook group Klaatu-Rocks!
They can be found here:
I know many people from the old Klaatu Mailing List do not want to join Facebook. You can create a personal account, NOT upload any personal information or photos, and simply join the Klaatu Rocks group to read posts and comment or create your own posts. There's no need to get any further involved in Facebook, but you can still keep up to date on Klaatu.

Changes come slowly on this page these days. Gone are the days where I could update it several times each week. It's now become one of those "I still need to find time to do that" things. At this time, the band does not have any CDs in print. The Klaatunes Records reissues of the first three albums are out of print. The Conveyor Records reissue of the first album also appears to be out of print. (The Conveyor Records of Canada website now has one entry for Klaatu and it's for an ambient music artist out of Detroit, Michigan that isn't connected to Klaatu).
There are digital downloads available for purchase here: no longer exists.

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