Where Can I Buy Klaatu CDs ?

Over the years, the 5 Klaatu albums have seen a number of CD reissues from various countries and various labels. At this time (June 2020) there are no Klaatu CDs currently in print.

3:47 EST

The first Klaatu album (known in Canada as "3:47 EST" and as "Klaatu" everywhere else in the world) has seen the most CD releases.


Sir Army Suit

Endangered Species


Klaasic Klaatu

In 1982 there was a posthumous greatest hits package called "Klaasic Klaatu". There's nothing out of the ordinary on this album, although it DOES have the 7" single edit of Calling Occupants on it. This album has never seen the light of day on CD.




Also in 2005, Bullseye Records of Canada released an LP (yes, vinyl) called Raarities which is similar to SunSet, but which is made up of entirely different versions of tracks, not available anywhere else, including not available on CD. This set also includes a live track.


Last Update: June 8, 2020by Dave Bradley