Check out the new Various Artists CD, "Around The Universe In 80 Minutes".  This is a stunning tribute to Klaatu! It was released in March of 1999 on Bullseye Records (BLP - CD - 4013). 

Please note that the samples on this page are NOT the entire song, just smaller sections of the songs.


A review by Jeremy Morris of Jam Recordings.

1. Routine Day - Curiousity Shop
The perfect choice for an opening track! Great rendition that is absolutely flawless and extremely clear and clean. The vocalist sounds like Chris Rainbow.
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2. I dont want to go home - Blue Cartoon
The band does a wonderful 90's stlye version of this track which works beautifully. The slide guitar solo is mega cool and the vocals give it a California sunshine vibe. Simply great!
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3. Silly Boys - Jamie Hoover
A great song that was originally sung backwards. Jamie has wisely chosen to sing it forward this time and now we get to hear this wonderful song in a new light. The use of manodlin is very inventive, and the heavy bass riffing is something Roy Wood of the Move would be proud of!
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4. Dear Christine - Jeremy
An extremly Beatlesque rendition that fans of Mr Lennon will love.
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5. Mrs. Toad's Cookies - Ed James
This is POP at it's finest, and by that I mean PURE POP! Stellar layers of mega awesome vocal harmonies and pristeen production make this one a sure winner! One of the highlights of this disc.
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6. Sub-Rosa Subway - Moving Targetz
Yes! they pulled it off! Layers of beaufiful harmonies and amazing keyboard parts. Not an easy feat considering this is one of the best/most complex Klaatu songs ever!  They even slipped in the riff to "I feel fine" very discreetly. Well done!
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7.Tokeymor field - MiNsTeR HiLL
This is a refreshing redition simply because the sound is not "over produced". Nice up front harmony vocals are the highlight and they sound just great!
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8. Anus of Uranus - Douglas Chay
For a man who likes to write songs about vacuuming his carpet, (weird eh?) Douglas is the perfect artist to cover "ANUS" and believe me, Douglas makes this one all his own. Not to be ignored. I like this.
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9. For you girl - Ultra Maroon
Wasn't  it  BUGS BUNNY who first coined the phrase--"Ultra Maroon"?? Keeping this in mind, imagine if the Ramones did a Klaatu song. It might sound something like this!  Sounds like fun!
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10. Little Neurino - Leon Chetsas
VERY symphonic and awesome pop! Killer wah-wah guitars in the intro and layers of nice keyboard beds. An instrumental track that will appeal to those who love a little Prog mixed with their pop. (And that's a GOOD THING!) Pop prog lives!
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11. Calling Occupants - The Oohs
Can it be done? Yes it can. A little less produced than the original, really nice upfront vocals. This sounds like the perfect 60's rendition of the tune. Nice!
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12. Around the universe in 80 days - Salem Hill
One of the most atmospheric and intense tracks on the disc. GREAT rendition. Matther Fisher "ala Salty Dog" would give this the BIG THUMBS UP!
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13. So said the lighthouse keeper - Feet of Clay
I love this version! Feet of Clay show how talented they really are by pulling off a SUPER VERSION of this complex tune.Super great sounding vocals and lead guitars abound! Symphonic rock lives!  Bravo Feet of Clay! One of the highlights of the disc!
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14.Everybody took a holiday - Magellan
Great version that made me think of what it would sound like if THE STONE ROSES covered a Klaatu song. Groundbreaking in the realm of pop!
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15. Sell out , sell out - Reptile
Whoa, what a surprise this is. Yep, it's techno pop! Well done and certainly sticks out as the most RADICAL Klaatu cover on the disc. One thing for sure, it took alot of guts for "Reptile" to do this.   (and I get the impression Terry Draper got a kick out of it) ----is it true?
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16.Mister Manson - Gavigan and Gordon
This is certainly one of the heaviest song on the disc. The tune still holds up years later!  And now with Marilyn Manson on the scene, I suppose the title could have been Mrs. Manson (just kidding)
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17. Older - Van Gogh
Another heavy riffin tune. You can easily see why these songs are placed near each other!  ABSOLUTE KILLER GUITAR HOOK ON THIS! This song could become the "old fart" anthem of the universe! Afterall, none of us are getting younger. So rock till ya drop!
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18. Doctor Marvllo - Los Khaoticos
Sung in Spanish I'm pretty sure. Well, sounds good to me even if I don't what they're saying. Nice guitar solo on this one. Be sure to check that out!
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19. Hope - Gavin and Dean
The perfect closer for this compilation . Absolutely a great song with really great lyrics that can't be beat!
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So in closing, I HOPE that as many people as possible will pick up this disc because it is one of THE BEST tribute cds I have heard in a long, long, time!!!!!!!!!  If you are a Klaatu fan, this is a must!

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